L & D Rabbitry and Caviary

Lionhead rabbits, American, American Satin, Peruvian and Peruvian Satin cavies

Upcoming shows that we may attend

1/4/2019---PA Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA---Did not attend

1/5/2019---Auburn, NY---Did not attend

1/19/2019---Logan Twp., NJ---Did not attend due to weather

1/20/2019---Westbrook, ME---Show cancelled due to weather

1/26/2019---Mocksville, NC---Will not attend

2/2/2019-2/3/2019---Lebanon, PA---Will not attend

2/9/2019---Windham, ME---Will not attend

3/2/2019-3/3/2019 Auburn, NY---Did attend the Saturday show only this year

3/9/2019---Butler, PA---Did not attend

3/9/2019---Phoenix, MD---Cavy only---Will not attend

3/16/2019---Logan Township, NJ---Did not attend

3/16/2019---Richmond, VA---Did not attend

3/17/2019---Washington Co., PA---Did not attend

3/23/2019-3/24/2019---Greensboro, NC---Attended

3/23/2019---Fulton, NY---Will not attend

4/6/2019---West Friendship, MD---Attended won 2nd RIS

4/6/2019---Smithfield, NC---Did not attend

4/6/2019---Olean, NY---Will not attend

4/13/2019---Gettysburg, PA---Will attend

4/27/2019---Beaver Springs, PA---Will not attend

4/28/2019---Butler, PA---Will not attend

5/4/2019-5/5/2019---Columbus, OH---Will attend

5/11/2019---Palmyra, NY---May attend

5/18/2019---Cape May, NJ---Will attend  

5/18/2019---Fulton, NY---Will not attend

5/18/2019---Butler, PA---Will not attend

5/18/2019-5/19/2019---Macungie, PA (Cavy only)---will attend Sunday only

5/19/2019---Spencer, MA---Will not attend

5/25/2019---Collegeville, PA---Will attend

5/26/2019---St. Albans, VT---Will not attend

6/1/2019---Whitesboro, NY---May attend

6/2/2019---State College, PA---May attend

6/8/2019---Farmington, ME---Will not attend

6/15/2019---Cortland, NY---Will attend

9/7/2019---Erie Canal, NY---Will not attend

9/7/2019---Westmoreland, PA---Will not attend

9/7/2019-9/8/2019---Kearneysville, WV---Will attend

9/15/2019---Washington Co, PA---Will attend

9/21/2019---Butler, PA---Will not attend

9/21/2019---Mullica Hill, NJ---Will attend

10/5/2019-10/06/2019---Syracuse, NY---Will attend

10/12/2019---Lebanon, PA---Will attend

10/27/2019---State College, PA---May attend

11/2/2019---Fulton, NY---Will not attend

11/2/2019---Gettysburg, PA---Will attend

11/9/2019---Butler, PA---Will attend

11/16/2019---West Friendship, MD---Will attend

12/7/2019---Richmond, VA---Will attend

12/8/2019---Augusta, NJ---Will attend