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L & D's Noor (Rew) to L & D's NSG1 (Tort)---Due 6/5/2023

L & D's Temptress (Black) to L & D's Sun 'n Sand (Rew)---Due 6/9/2023

Hardscrabble Hares Dark Horse (Black) to L & D's Oahu (Tort)---Due 6/9/2023

L & D's Ressamble a la mere (Sable Point) to L & D's Bahari (Rew)---Due 6/9/2023

L & D'S Alena (Rew) to L & D's Zaire (Tort)---Due 6/9/2023

Outta the Blue Victoria (Tort---Choc carrier) to L & D's Mucho Macho (Tort)---Due 6/9/2023

L & D's Ashanti (Rew) to L & D's Waikiki (Black)---Due 6/12/2023

L & D's Chere (Sable Point) to L & D's Peety (Seal)---Due 6/12/2023

L & D's Willamena (Siamese Sable) to L & D's Tiiveste (Seal)---Due 6/12/2023

L & D's Ka Lua (Tort) to L & D's Ohau (Tort)---Due 6/12/2023

Wolfe Creek's Sparta (Siamese Sable) to L & D's Pedro (Seal Point)---Due 6/12/2023

Lavender Fields Voluptuous (Tort) to L & D's Waikiki (Black)---Due 6/17/2023

L & D's Nimeesha (Tort) to L & D's Waimea (Tort)---Due 6/17/2023

Outta the Blue Coco Rehegua (Choc) to L & D's Mucho Macho (Tort)---Due 6/17/2023

L & D's Palesa (Sable Pont) to L & D's Elliott (Siamese Sable)---Due 6/17/2023

L & D's Pinakamahusay (Tort) to L & D's Waikiki (Black)---Due 6/17/2023

Lavender Field's Ginger Thyme (Orange) to L & D's Waikiki (Black)---Due 6/21/2023

L & D's Melanie (Rew) to L & D's Waimea (Tort)---Due 6/21/2023

L & D's Starlite (Rew) to L & D's Mucho Macho---Due 6/21/2023

L & D's Hawaii (Siamese Sable) to L & D's Peety (Seal)---Due 6/21/2023

L & D's Tanisha (Rew---Choc Carrier) to L & D's Louie Blue Raspberry (Blue)---Due 6/21/2023

L & D's Sade (Sable Point) to





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