L & D Rabbitry and Caviary

Lionhead rabbits, American, American Satin, Peruvian and Peruvian Satin cavies

In the box


L & D's Calypso (Siamese Sable) and L & D's Roberto (Rew)---1 Rew Doe and 1 SS Buck---fostered to Winslow, born 12/20/2018

L & D's Winslow (SS) to L & D's Paradise Cove (Seal)---2 Siamese Sable Does, 1 Seal Doe born 12/20/2018

L & D's Siesta (SS) to L & D's Roberto (Rew)---1 Rew Buck, 1 SS Buck born 12/25/2018

Little Lions Ravina (Rew) to L & D's Paradise Cove (Seal)---1 SS Doe, 1 SS Buck, 1 SP Buck, 1 SP doe born 12/25/2018

L & D's Beach Cove (Rew) to L & D's Del Conte (SS)---2 SS Does, 1 SS Buck, and 1 SP Doe and 1 Rew Doe born 12/30/2018

Four Corners Euphrosyne (Tort) to L & D's Dior (Rew)--- 1 Rew Doe born 12/31/2018

L & D's Driftwood (Black) to L & D's Addison (Tort)---1 Black Doe, 1 Black Buck born 1/5/2019

L & D's Tides (SS) to L & D's Roberto (Rew)---2 SS Bucks and 1 Rew Doe born 1/5/2019

L & D's Ocean Spray to L & D's Maurice (SS)---1 SS Doe and 1 Seal Buck born 1/5/2019

L & D's Lea (Rew) to Bastet's Phantom of the Opera (Black)---3 Black does, 1 Rew doe, 1 Rew buck born 1/22/2019

L & D's Capri Court (SP) to L & D's Maurice (SS)---1 Seal Point Doe, 1 Seal Point Buck, 1 Seal Buck born 1/23/2019