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L & D's Fritz (Sable Point) to Wolf Creeks's Sparta (Siamese Sable)---2 kits born 6/28/2024---1 Rew and 1 Seal 

L & D's Mucho Macho (Tort) to Lavender Fields Voluptuous---2 Torts born 7/6/2024 fostered to Savannah

Lavender Fields Cypher (Tort) to L & D's Jemma (Tort)---4 born 7/8/2024

L & D's Sun n' Sand (Rew) to L & D's Nimesha (Tort)---2 kits born 7/9/2024 fostered 

L & D's Kona (Siamese Sable) to L & D's Livvy (Seal Point)---2 kits born 7/10/2024

L & D's Tivviest (Seal) To L & D's Stacy (Sable Point)---2 Born 7/15/2024

L & D's Fritz (Sable Point) to L & D's Iris (Siamese Sable)---2 Born 7/14/2024

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