L & D Rabbitry and Caviary

Lionhead rabbits, American, American Satin, Peruvian and Peruvian Satin cavies

By Color

Bastet's Phantom of the Opera Black 

L & D's Therron  Black

L & D's Blueberry  Blue Seal  Not shown  

L & D's Armon   Chestnut Agouti   BOS 2012 NY Convention Show A, BOS MARCS Lebanon PA Show A, BOS State College show A

L & D's Roberto  Rew  Multiple BOB and BOS wins

L & D's Mariner  Rew----Sold Amy

L & D's Dior  Rew  BOB OSRBA---Multiple BOS 

L & D's Sun n' Sand  Rew  Numerous BOB and BOS wins, BOSB 2018 ARBA Convention

Bastet's B425 Rew 1 BOB, numerous BOS

L & D's Jasper Sable Point  BOV Marcs

L & D's Mr. Gorgeous  Sable Point  Not Shown

L & D's Pedro  Sable Point   Best of the Rest and BOV 2017 ARBA Convention

L & D's Paradise Cove  Seal

L & D's Cavalier  Seal

L & D's Tahiti  Seal

L & D's El Capitan  Seal  2nd Reserve in show, Multiple BOB and BOS Wins

L & D's Aslan  Seal  Several BOB, BIS, RIS

L & D's Sao Paulo  Seal Marten  BOS Carroll Co MD, BOSV 2013 Nationals (Shown as Silver Marten)

L & D's Maurice  Siamese Sable

L & D's Rio  Siamese Sable

L & D's Addison  Tort Black

Rugged Cross Remington  Tort Black  2 BOBs, 2nd at 2011 Nationals

L & D's Willis  Tort Black  Multiple BOS