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Welcome to L & D Rabbitry.   We raise Lionhead rabbits in rural Southern PA and show them throughout the country mostly in the Mid-Atlantic states. We also used to raise and show cavies in Americans, Peruvians, and Peruvian Satins. I have been in the lionhead breed for almost 20 years and I am a lifetime member of ARBA. This is a rabbitry that breeds for exhibition/show animals. We do not breed specifically for pet sales. We only breed for our animals to peak during show seasons. Our rabbits and cavies are loved and well cared for and have expert veterinary care.


Lionheads are a small, relatively easy breed to raise and can bring lots of love and joy into your home. David and I fell in love with this breed when we saw some of them at the PA Farm Show many years ago. Unable to get a cat due to David's allergy, we brought a bunny into our home and got hooked.


We work exclusively with Lionheads at this time. Right now, we can produce all colors except Harlequin/Magpies, Pointed Whites, Chestnut, Frosty, Brokens, Bew, Steels, Silver Martens, Black Chinchilla, Otters, and Tans. Dilute and Chocolate based rabbits are produced here, but on a very limited basis. If you have any questions, please contact me. Over the years I have had a genetics column in the Mane Musings and would be more than happy to assist anyone with questions in that area as well.


Beginning in early 2020 Dawn Guye of Lavender Fields rabbitry and I created a collaborative rabbitry called, "Outta the Blue Rabbitry".  A few times a year we swap a couple rabbits and have litters together under this name.  We sell very few of these rabbits, but they are available on occasion.


The 2024 rabbit season started off well here at L & D. We won BOB in the National Specialty and 3 other shows in IL as well as a BIS with our Tort Doe L & D's Lovin Every Minute of It.  In 2022 our Tort Junior buck L & D's Mucho Macho won BOB at Nationals in Ohio.  We also won both BOB and BOS in the National specialty show in 2022.  In 2016 I became a NALRC Charter breeder. In 2018, we had both the BOB and BOSB Lionheads at ARBA Convention. We are very proud that for many years L & D has been in the top 10 nationally in Sweepstakes. Due to Covid-19 in 2020 I only went to 1 rabbit show where I was fortunate enough to win an RIS.  2021 started off slowly---but I managed to get 3 BIS awards and was in the top 10 Nationally.


We do not provide air transport for rabbit sales, but we travel along the East Coast and do attend ARBA Convention and Lionhead Nationals on occasion. We are planning on attending the 2023 ARBA Convention in Louisville, KY but plans may change due to the RHD2 outbreaks in the Southwestern US. Protecting our rabbits are more important than showing or breeding them at this time. There is no extra fee if we are doing the transporting of pre-purchased animals to shows we attend; however, everything will be entered in the show so there will be the entry fee added into the price.


Thank you for visiting our website. Friend and then message me on Facebook (Lorelei Ann Long) to see photos of my for-sale rabbits and to purchase them when they are posted. If you do not "friend" me first, I may not see your message.

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